Zitsticka Killa Pimple Patch Review with Before and After Pictures

Zitsticka Killa Pimple Patch Review with Before and After Pictures

Update: The brand reached out with a coupon code! Use NICK20 to save on Zitsticka at bit.ly/nickdiramiozs

Watch my full review on YouTube here.

If you use Instagram or other social media, then you may have come across ads for Zitsticka, an acne blemish clearing patch that claims to use microdarts to help combat underground pimples.

As part of my Trying Instagram Products series on youtube, I picked up the skincare product to check see how it could. My test subject? See below.

Here’s the breakout that was popping up on my temple. SO CUTE!

I was actually kind of excited to finally be able to use my new Zitsticka Killa Kit, which had arrived a few days earlier. It felt weird to be waiting for a breakout, but it was for science!

One of Zitsticka’s main marketing points is that the waterproof acne patch has “painless microdarts” that allow the zit fighting ingredients to work at the source. I’m paraphrasing the video you can see on the homepage of their website.

I was very curious to know what microdarts feel like.

The two-step process was very simple.

First I used their little wipe, witch contained witch hazel, alcohol, and some other ingredients. I think the main point of this step is to cleanse away oils and help the adhesive stick.

I assume step this compromises any acne medication and skincare products I had applied before the patch? Not a big deal since I would only be using the Zitsticka patch once in a while when a pimple starts emerging.

Finally, I just placed on the patch. easy as that! It really did blend in well enough that I would be ok wearing it out in public. Check out my youtube video to see it live.

I’m not sure if this would work the same on all skin tones, but let me know in the comments!

Then I went to sleep with the patch as recommended, although they said the patch could be left on for a minimum of two hours.

The next morning I eagerly unveiled the newly healed blemish. Check out the before and after picture below!

You can really see that the size and redness of the breakout were reduced, and I feel a lot less threatened by the breakout. Definitely worth keeping in my skincare collection with some other spot treatments I love, like the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

Edit: ZitSticka reached out with a coupon code! Use code NICK20 to save at bit.ly/nickdiramiozs

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