Trying Crazy Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavors BLINDFOLDED!

Trying Crazy Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavors BLINDFOLDED!

Watch the full video on YouTube here!

Lately I've been very into cotton candy, meaning I can't stop buying it! I just love the soft texture and sweet flavor that just melts in you mouth!

While I was researching cotton candy machines for my home, I came across the Spun Light Cotton Candy Shop on Etsy where a confectioner named Kate creates dozens of unique flavors like blood orange, earl grey, tea tree, ghost pepper, and more! Inspired by my blindfolded macaron taste test, I was excited to dive into these crazy cotton candy flavors with my blindfold on to try and test them out by guessing each of these unique tastes.

How successful will I be? Watch and find out! As always, don't forget to like and subscribe! Shop the Spun Light shop on Etsy at


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