The Best Sparkling Water You Can Buy (In My Opinion)

The Best Sparkling Water You Can Buy (In My Opinion)

It’s raining outside so I decided to order something refreshing from my online grocery store. For me it’s all about La Croix sparkling water

That sounded very sponsored but it’s not.

I stocked up on my favorite La Croix flavor, Grapefruit. I also tried this new La Croix Cúrate with watermelon and kiwi essence.

Look how healthy and fresh my fridge looks with those beautiful cans and fresh fruit that I hope I can eat before it goes bad.

I won’t say I’ve tried every flavored sparking water out there, but considering the ones I have tasted, La Croix sparkling water seems to have a nice simple ingredients list. 

I don’t know what a natural essence is but it sounds pure af. So in my mind I’m like “drink up!”

What are you favorite brands and flavors of sparkling water? Let me know in the comments!


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