Shane Dawson Not Cool (2014) Full Movie Commentary

Shane Dawson Not Cool (2014) Full Movie Commentary

Full video on YouTube here.

Last week, I recapped the Starz reality show The Chair which pitted Shane Dawson against filmmaker Anna Matremucci as they both adapted scripts into feature films.

As we saw, Shane had awful behavior on the set of his movie Not Cool, and he also ran into trouble because people felt the content of his film was too off-putting. By popular request, I've gone back for a full clip breakdown of the movie itself, with commentary throughout every step of my recap. Let's analyze this and see why Shane's film didn't work.

From bad screenplay writing, to egotistical directing and casting decisions, to shoddy editing, this movie has every reason to make you cringe! I try to make my points as concisely as possible, but I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous a lot of this movie is! Let me know your thoughts. As always, don't forget to like and subscribe! Watch The Chair on Amazon_ (affiliate)


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