Memorial Day Weekend_ Dinner With Friends

Memorial Day Weekend_ Dinner With Friends

It’s the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.

As is tradition for Thursday, my friends Miguel and Bryant had us over for dinner and drag race.

⬆️ The look today was yellow, obviously.  

I brought my specialty appetizer_ French bread, triple cream Brie, and fruit jam. In this case it was a wild cherry jam, which Miguel and I thought was the best pairing so far.

Both the pesto gnocchi and meatballs with marinara were delicious. Do you see those roasted pepitas? Delicious! Also known as pumpkin seeds.

Miguel and Bryant are excellent hosts. They also made delicious roasted Brussels sprouts which I sometimes can’t stomach, but in this case I devoured.

Everyone who attended the dinner was traveling for the holiday weekend except for me, so I was sent home with some leftovers that I will have for dinner tomorrow! It was a great evening.

Happy Memorial Day to all!


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