Matt Rife's Netflix Special Exposed_ Uncovering the Problems

Matt Rife's Netflix Special Exposed_ Uncovering the Problems

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In this video, we're taking a look at the hidden problems in Matt Rife's Netflix comedy special, Natural Selection. He's been exposed for not respecting women.

This comedy special was supposed to be a showcase of Matt Rife's talent and skills as a standup comedian after rising to fame on Tik Tok and the show Wild 'n Out. However, we uncovered several problems with the special that makes it a total disaster, along with his terrible non-apologies, beef with a 6 year old, and getting called out by Brook schofield on the Cancelled podcast.

From factual errors to jokes that are offensive and inappropriate, while also alienating his core audience of young women, this comedy special is a total mess. If you're planning on watching it, be sure to watch this breakdown first for a better idea of what you're getting yourself into

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