Did Lil Tay's Family Fake Her Death to Launch a Music Career?

Did Lil Tay's Family Fake Her Death to Launch a Music Career?

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In this video, we're investigating the claim that the "Lil Tay" and her family faked her death to launch her music career.

Lil Tay was born in Canada in 2002, and gained national fame at age 9, after her mom and brother started posting videos of her showing off cars and money social media. This year, she was involved in a death hoax that she blamed on a hack, although some believe it was perfectly timed to help launch her music career and new music video "Sucker for Green." We're investigating the claims and trying to find the truth.

We want to know what you think about this controversial story and the new music video. Are Lil Tay and her family's claims true? Or is this another example of a viral internet hoax?

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