I Made a Better Music Video Than Gabbie Hanna in 24 Hours. ⏱

I Made a Better Music Video Than Gabbie Hanna in 24 Hours. ⏱

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When I saw Gabbie Hanna's "official visualizer" for her latest song "Rewired" was made in a single day, I was disapointed by how uncreative (and not very interesting) it was to watch. I was inspired to create my own version of the song, and make a music video in my house over the course of 24 hours to show how my creative process can lend itself to a better viewing experience for the audience.

So let's dive in to this behind-the-scenes episode of Clip Makedown, where I improve upon Gabbie's concept, production, and visual storytelling structure while cranking out a finished music video in a single day!

As I mention in the video, this is a tribute to Gabbie's music and not meant to replace it in any way, and I hope she is flattered by my interpretation of her song! As always, don't forget to like and subscribe! Become a member of my Patreon for exclusive bonus content and extras delivered every month! http://bit.ly/nickpatreon


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