Dr. Brandt MagneTight Age Defier Magnet Mask, Water Booster, 3D Lip PlumpFix, Pores No More Primers


Special thanks to Dr. Brandt Skincare for providing me with all these amazing products for review! Today we're getting ready for bed with the new MagneTight Age Defier Mask, which has an iron formula that you remove with magnet! Then we try out the Needles No More 3D Lip Plumpfix, a matte lip perfecter. Finally, we check out the Antioxidant Water Booster Triple Power Ingestible Water Supplement which is designed to help the body with it's natural detoxification process! Will these products live up to their promises? Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe to get at least two new fun videos from me every week!

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