Exploring The Drag Queen to Anti-Gay Republican Pipeline

Exploring The Drag Queen to Anti-Gay Republican Pipeline

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Today, we'll be exploring The Drag Queen to Anti-Gay Republican Pipeline from politicians like George Santos, Rudy Juliani, and Kari Lake.

Recently, the recently elected Republican Governor of New York's third congressional district has become embattled as more discoveries have been made about lies he told to win the election, all having to do with his past and family history.

Out of all the accusations, the only one that Santos felt the need to outright deny has been that he used to perform as a Drag Queen in Brazil named Kitara Ravache, after another Brazilian drag artist Eula Rochard posted an image on Facebook and Instagram that supposedly shows the both of them in 2007.

But George is not the only anti-LGBT conservative that wants to make Drag Queens illegal, but is also known to have participated in the art of drag and used to be accepted by the gay community. Today we're exposing them all!

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