Cirkul Water Bottle & Flavor Cartridge Review

Cirkul Water Bottle & Flavor Cartridge Review

A New Way to Get Hydrated -

When I came across and Instagram ad for the Cirkul flavored water bottle, I was skeptical that it would

  1. Make water taste as good it claimed, and
  2. Provide a seamless drinking experience while infusing my water with flavor.

Please note, I am not just your average water bottle user, ok? I carry my trusty water bottle (whatever brand it may be) with me wherever I go, to the point where people tell me it’s weird. For me, the perfect water bottle has an easy way to carry it, it holds enough liquid, and it won’t shatter or look terrible after I inevitable drop it. If the bottle is also able to make my water more delicious while I drink, then even better!

So with these qualifications in mind, I placed my order.

It was actually very easy to get the Cirkul water bottle home, as they sent me the bottle and two flavor cartridges for only 5 dollars. Keep in mind, this was the starter kit, and if I hadn’t been careful to cancel my subscription after that, I would have been charged again monthly so they could keep sending my more flavor cartridges on a monthly basis. Despite this, I did pick up two extra packs of flavors so that I could try a variety of tastes on my YouTube review.

Drank that water, Nicholas.

The bottle system itself is very easy to use. The flavor cartridges were easy to install without even reading the instructions. You can check out my YouTube video to see how it’s done.

I did assume I would be able to easily switch out the Cirkul flavor cartridges a little more quickly so I could choose a different flavor from bottle to bottle. That wouldn’t be impossible, but it is a little more time consuming than would be practical for me. Luckily, the flavors are so delicious that once I install a cartridge I am usually happy to drink it all up before switching.

The drinks taste amazing, there aren’t any flavors that stand out as being “not good” in my mind, although it was very easy to choose favorites. I love the black cherry and sweet tea flavors, and the electrolyte cartridges are so refreshing after a workout!

I still use my Cirkul water bottle to this day. At 20oz, it’s slightly smaller than my typical 32oz water bottle (here) but I still reach for it when I want a burst of flavor without the sugar, or after a particularly sweaty workout.

Do you have this water bottle, or are you thinking of trying it? Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below!

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