Birchbox Grooming Review_ First Month Unboxing (July 2019)

Birchbox Grooming Review_ First Month Unboxing (July 2019)

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I recently signed up to Birchbox again…

…after taking a 5 year break, here’s my lengthy explanation why_

I had been a Birchbox subscriber back when the idea of a beauty discovery/subscription box was still fairly new. I remember because I called and set up my account from the tiny NYC studio apartment where I was living at the time on the Lower East Side.

This must have been back in 2013, and at this time you had to choose between Birchbox Men and Birchbox Women. I was working as a retail makeup artist at the time, so I was far more interested in the color cosmetics and skincare that would be in the women’s box. Also, the men’s box cost more at the time, because it came with “lifestyle accessories” such as a bowtie or belt. No thanks!

Birchbox has stepped into 2019 making a change that I recommended all those years ago when I first signed up, which was not to assume my gender based on the kind of Birchbox Samples I preferred. I must not have been the only customer to suggest it, because now we have the much more simply named Birchbox Beauty (formerly women) and Birchbox Grooming (formerly men).

I LOVE these name changes, because they really speak to the consumer base more accurately. The Birchbox Grooming ad that I saw on Instagram featured both men and women, making it clear that any gender might enjoy either box. WIN!

So, after filling out my grooming profile online and waiting about a week, I finally got my first box! It was worth the wait. Check out my YouTube unboxing if you want all the exciting feels, otherwise see below for the full breakdown of what I got in my July Box!

Men's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer 75 ml. Buy on Amazon

Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control, 3 Fl Oz Buy on Amazon

Hanz de Fuko Claymation- Premium Mens Hair Styling Clay with Matte Finish (2 oz) Buy on Amazon

Duke Cannon Beer Soap for Men, 10 oz. in Limited Edition Pin-up Girl Box,1 Pack Buy on Amazon

House 99 by David Beckham Polish Up Body & Hair Wash 150ml Buy on Amazon


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