Asarai Earth Tones Red Clay Mask Review

Asarai Earth Tones Red Clay Mask Review

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Do you ever scroll through Instagram…

…and constantly see some of the same gorgeous beauty products jumping out at you again and again? That was the case for me and the cool Australian skincare brand Asarai, that makes skincare in this distinctive yellow packaging.

The distinctive yellow packaging of Asarai skincare

Most interesting to me from this cool-looking natural line was the Earth Tones Mask, made from red clay and well reviewed for its ability to help people ditch foundation for a brighter, clearer, and softer complexion than before.

I use a lot of different face masks to help me keep my oily, acne-prone skin in check, so I was very curious to see if adding this cult favorite could step up my skins natural radiance even more.

Upon first dispensing the product from its foil tube, I was immediately surprised by the texture_

So soft, smooth, so glorious

I am used to clay masks being a little rough on the skin as they begin to dry. If you use too much, it can feel like my skin is caked under an inch of fossilized earth.

Such was not the case for Asarai Earth Tones. In fact, the super soft formula glided over the skin very beautifully, leaving behind a thin, comfortable, manageable layer of product.

Even upon drying, this mask did not lose its rich, earthy red color.

I was equally impressed with how well the mask rinsed off using just a warm, damp washcloth. The mask did not require minutes of scrubbing over the sink, and the red water that came off my skin rinsed down the drains without staining my white porcelain.

Now, I’ve been using the mask for 14 days- about 2-3 times each week, and I can definitely say that the Asarai Earth Tones Mask agrees with my skin. The complexion is definitely brighter, the texture is softer and more refined. Overall, my skin just feels more expensive and I love that!

I had to dive in and see what ingredients were making my face so happy. Here’s what I learned from the Asarai website_

Key Ingredients

Australian Red Clay
Instantly revives and detoxifies impurities.

Australian White Kaolin Clay
A soft clay that increases localized circulation to fight inflammation.

Kakadu Plum
The most potent plant based form of vitamin C to firm, smooth and brighten.

Rainforest Lime Fruit Extract
A natural exfoliant and high in anti-oxidants.

Sunflower Seed Oil
Rich source of fatty acid to replenish and sooth skin.

Aloe Vera Juice
A powerful anti-oxidant which seriously soothes.

I can also say for sure that Asarai is a very thoughtful brand that cares about their customers. After I posted my YouTube video showing my first impressions of the mask, Asarai reached out and sent me their awesome turn key that helps me get every drop of the mask out of the tube, as well the SleeperCell Retinol Serum to try out next. How super generous!

Thank you to Asarai for gifting me these additional items from their line of Uber Natural Skincare.

Have you seen the Asarai Earth Tones mask advertised all over your instagram? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my video on the product in another installment of Trying Instagram Products!

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